Dance Performance ‘Work In Progress’

 “Dance performance by Hiroaki Umeda x Tokyo University of the Arts” was the opening performance of the round dome theater last year in the Arts & Science LAB. and it was very popular. This year, it came back even more powerful, as the Tokyo University of the Arts (TUA) COI Site’s Research on robotics & performing arts group joined the planning and producing of it, and the Research on synesthetic media group provided an audiovisual material.

The two pieces performed in the show titled “Work In Progress, Synesensory Embodiment Project” featured a very low sound, a film that took the audience to another dimension, and made the audience consider what it means to be human. Nearly 300 people who saw the performance were in awe. In particular, the foreign visitors rated this performance, of physical expression without words, very highly. It was notable that we had many foreigners to this year’s show. After the performance, there was a performance talk where the performers and the audience were able to exchange words.

What does the integration of art and technology bring to the future of human society? Please watch this space to see further evolution by the performance team.

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