We provide a new idea through music and film
at “HARUKA2019” in Fukushima

NHK Enterprises, Inc., a member company of the COI Site at the Tokyo University of the Arts and others will organize a projection mapping event “HARUKA2019” on 21-23 March 2019, at Tsurugajo castle in Aizu Wakamatsu City in Fukushima prefecture.

At this event, Rui Ogawa, a composer and sound artist, who is also Project Associate Professor at our COI Site, will provide a piece of music that the audience can enjoy while waiting for the performance to start based on a new concept “Machi Kachi – let’s not waste our time waiting!”. Please come and enjoy “HARUKA2019” at the venue.

“HARUKA2019” can be viewed free of charge, but reservation is required. Please book online in advance. For details, visit the official site below. (*it is no longer possible to book a place through postcard registration)

official website

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