Vice President, Isao Matsushita,
joined the talk session of
‘Culture Summit 2018’ in Abu Dhabi

Our Sub Project Leader, Isao Matsushita, was invited to speak at the “Culture Summit 2018” in Abu Dhabi and joined the talk session in April. He has produced many flagship stages integrating art of all ages and countries with technologies in the 2020 Initiatives group, as part of the Tokyo University of the Arts (TUA) COI Site. Other attendees of the summit were those who have unique and innovative cultural projects from all over the world and from TUA’s COI Site, Motoichi Tamura, Director of the First Research Division of Yamaha Corporation, also attended. We created a show called “Mai, Hi-Ten-Yu” using an AI-based system that Yamaha developed, which detects the dancers’ moves through a censer and translates it into a piano tune to be able to “play” alongside world-class classical musicians. A video of this show has now been shared more than 4.8 million times on SNS in Europe and the US (as of April 2018) which demonstrates how much interest there is in TUA COI Site. Against this background, our Sub Project Leader Isao Matsushita gave an engaging talk on the humankind and art, and the future of technology with the other speakers.

The “2020 Initiatives group” aspires to create inspiration through an integration of art and technology. You can expect much from us!

◆Click here to watch the video of Isao Matsushita, Sub Project Leader
◆Culture Summit 2018, click here for details

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