Debut of Cloned Shaka Triad Statues of Horyuji Temple

As part of a project to revitalize local industry in of the cities of Nanto and Takaoka in Toyama Prefecture, we are opening an exhibition of the Horyuji Shaka Triad Statues as follows, with special cooperation from Horyuji Temple, Tokyo University of the Arts’ (TUA) COI Site and the Public Collaboration Center.

◆Dates:Friday 10-Monday 20 March (public holiday) 2017
◆Venue:Wing Wing Takaoka, 4F foyer
◆Supervisor:Masaaki Miyasako (Professor at TUA, COI Research Leader)
◆Curator:Junji Ito (Project Professor at TUA, COI Sub Project Leader)

For this project, TUA obtained permission from Horyuji temple and Agency for Cultural Affairs to measure and analyze the Shaka Triad Statues and created a model from a 3D printer. Members of the Takaoka Copper Industry Cooperative and Inami Wood Carving Cooperative then worked on the model to recreate the statues in the modern day, using traditional techniques such as cast metal and sculpting skills specific to the local area. Finishing touches were made at TUA and we passed down this beauty to the future generations transcending time.

Ahead of the exhibition, we held a press conference at TUA’s Arts & Science LAB. in the evening on 16 February, inviting relevant officials such as Mr Masaki Takahashi, Mayor of Takaoka City and Mr Mikio Tanaka, Mayor of Nanto City to speak about the project and the purpose of the exhibition. We had over 70 members of the press in attendance.

For the exhibition, we have recreated the inaccessible national treasure, Shaka Triad Statues using modern technology and art. This is a rare opportunity to pass down to the future and show the general public Japanese cultural art, local traditional techniques and a historic artifact.

Please do visit the exhibition.

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